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an image of a website page with the words sa big design week in spanish and english
30+ Typography Trends for 2024
20 Typography Trends for 2020
an image of different font styles in various colors and sizes, with the words below them
Glamour Absolute Modern/Vintage Font
Glamour Absolute Vintage Font by Nicky Laatz. #HeritageTypeCo #Design #Fontdesign #LogoDesign #GraphicsDesign #2020BestFonts
the word renode written in retro style on a gray background with an orange and blue swirl
How To Create a Retro 70s Style Striped Logo Type Effect
creating a striped type effect in Illustrator, citing a retro 70s style logo as an example. I was sure I’d created a similar effect in a recent tutorial, but it turned out to be the title art I produced …