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Dino Skull -  Portfolio - The Dots

Dino Skull - Portfolio - The Dots

cozy kitchen and stencil!

cozy kitchen and stencil!

Aug(de)mented reality

Aug (De)Mented Reality Using a unique animation technique involving traditional animation cels and his iphone Hombre_mcsteez turns everyday life into an odd creature infested c.

When the day breaks

When the Day Breaks / Canadian 1999 ----------------- Directors: Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby --------------Worth every second.

6 tree, tree house

The Minister's Treehouse was built by Horace Burgess. He has been building it for over 20 years. It's braced by six trees, is ten floors and is nearly 100 feet tall. The inside is a Escher like maze full of secret runs and tunnels.

Manzana hecha con tablas de skate

Haroshi makes his art pieces with used, recycled skateboards. His three-dimensional art pieces are composite wooden mosaics. By layering the skate decks he can manipulate their shape and structure and then reduce the chunks into sculptures

Flor longboards

Flower Reach for Light is a Skateboard Flower Sculpture made by Ted Hunter form Roarockit Skateboard Co. The flower petal designs are actually printed using photo’s of real tulip petals. It was shown on 2005 at the Wood Turning Center in Philadelphia.