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two bowls with salt and pepper on them
Elevate the Everyday: High Contrast Tableware - &YOU
three columns in an empty room with no people
Account Suspended
Las falsas columnas de papel de la artista sueca Christian Andersson.
a tall metal object sitting on top of a cement block in front of a window
pop-up-x: Lea Kuhl - Untitled, 2014
an empty room with white walls and black crosses on the floor
Cultura Colectiva - Tu guía definitiva para la vida moderna.
Esther Stocker es una artista italiana que utiliza sus pinturas como planos para concebir increíbles instalaciones de ambientes geométricos. Además de poder ser físicamente examinados por el espectador, estas instalaciones tridimensionales son exploraciones de lo que no es; de lo que queda después de demarcar cuidadosamente figuras geométricas en un lienzo o en este caso particular, …
several wooden blocks with different types of animals on them and one is made out of wood
Artist Imprints Cupped Hands Into Clay Bricks as Unique Memorial to Father
Artist Dan Stockholm imprinted his hands in #redclaybricks. #sculpture #installationart #claysculpture
a woman standing in front of a white wall with torn up paint on the walls
daniel arsham carves 300 foot wall excavation through SCAD museum of art
the interior of a building with many chairs lined up on the floor and in front of it
Rachel Whiteread's Solid Air | Jenny Uglow
There’s something cool yet passionate about Rachel Whiteread’s work. It is calmly paradoxical, domestic but monumental, tactile but detached, nostalgic but austere: objects and dwellings from everyday lives are lifted to a different sphere, a dance in space. In a new exhibition celebrating twenty-five years of her career as an artist, Tate Britain has removed the partitions that usually divide separate rooms, creating a huge open space with white walls and glowing, pale wood floor. She asks u...
three rock sculptures sitting on top of a cement floor
Nobuo Sekine | Phase of Nothingness–Cut Stone (1971/2011) | Available for Sale | Artsy
Nobuo Sekine, ‘Phase of Nothingness–Cut Stone’, 1971/2011
a woman is standing in front of some colorful rocks and another person is looking at them
Rocas metálicas - Jim Hodges
several white mannequins with orange shoes in an empty room, one standing and the other walking
Not Clay But... | Christina West at Mindy Solomon Gallery, "Intimate Strangers" | CFile - Contemporary Ceramic Art + Design
Christina West - Intimate strangers
two men sitting in chairs on the side of a building
CityLab - Bloomberg
What happens if you don´t clean the seat CAD block on your floorplans // Esto pasa por no borrar los bloques de autocad de las plantas
a large red object in the middle of a street
Red Ball Project de Kurt Perschke
Red Ball Project de Kurt Perschke
there are many blue legos arranged in the shape of a bear and one is red
A Detailed Report On Bidet Seat Market. Size, Share, Trends, Key Insights. Major Players – LIXIL Corporation, Coway Co., Ltd, Roca Sanitario SA, Panasonic Corporation of America, RinseWorks, Inc, etc.
an image of a room with clothes hanging on the wall and a teddy bear sitting in front of it
Surrealismo en 3 dimensiones. Los trabajos de Lee Sol
Surrealismo en 3 dimensiones. Los trabajos de Lee Sol – Blog de diseño gráfico y creatividad.