Taula de llum.

DIY Light Table

Cheap-o light table! Need to trace something? Make a light table with Christmas lights and clear storage container!

Ciencia del arco iris para niños: espectroscopio hecha en casa usando un rollo de toallas de papel y un CD.  Tal forma divertida de explorar la luz!  ~ BuggyandBuddy.com

Rainbow Science for Kids: Homemade Spectroscope

STEAM / STEM : Rainbow Science for Kids: Homemade Spectroscope using a paper towel roll (cardboard tube) and a CD Such a fun way to children to explore the light spectrum!

Sombres de nombres

I usually hate these foamy number/letter pads but this is a cool idea! Shadow jump on numbers

Cómo preparar acuarelas caseras fluorescentes

glow in the dark painting: flourescent paint, black paper, black light----Jaco had a ton of fun! Will def do this again!

Cubitos de hielo de plástico de colores.

25 Awesome Ideas for Light Table Play from Dollar Tree! - Spectrum Psychological Services - Counseling & Neurofeedback in Virginia Beach

How to make light table disks out of plastic cups.  Cool!  This woman has a ton of homemade light table ideas.

DIY: colorful discs for the light table in preschool

colorful discs on a light table - made by melting colored plastic cups

Arena sobre papel celofán y mesa de luz.

Putting a smaller sand box over a light table allows the child to explore how light and sand can work together with different colours and how much light is being let through.

Colem la llum ;)

Common objects transformed by a beam of light. We may be common, but When the Light is in our lives, it transforms us

make a Bat-Signal style light

seasonal - for a lesson illustration? - DIY superhero symbol --- What You Need: * Toilet paper roll * Piece of thin cardboard * Plastic cling wrap * Elastic band * Scissors * tape * Flashlight