Las dunas, formaciones de arena de los desiertos, dibujan en el horizonte las sinuosas curvas que el viento traza en su incierto curso, como un improvisado pincel que maneja la mano caprichosa de un artista..
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An Arab Falconer

the desert though simple in formation always creates a magical backdrop for photos - Qatar desert Only in the eye of a beholder.

Caravanas en un desierto.

Saudi Camel's: beautiful from a distance. Camel train, on the border of Saudi Arabia and UAE border of Saudi Arabia and UAE


This is the image of an abundance of Yin Earth (soil) in Summer in a BaZi birth chart. It is hot, too dry and seeks water for balance.

I was unable to find the location, but nevertheless, it is a very striking photo :)

Lonely camel on white sand desert Gloria"s comment: right time and place--love the scale, love the color, love the simplicity.