Kitara Inu-Chan

Kitara Inu-Chan

Kitara Inu-Chan
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Yuna Langley as Yamuraiha

Sharrkan (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)

Erza Scarlet by strabixio

Manga: Fairy Tail Character: Erza Scarlet Original Art: Hiro MashimaLineart by Color by -----------------------------------------------------------.

Kirito x Asuna. Wallpaper and background photos of ~Sword Art Online♥(Kirito x Asuna) for fans of Anime couples images.

Jerza - Fairy Tail

I am so waiting for this moment to happen in the manga. I mean, they almost kissed over 200 chapters ago; T-T ~ Jellal x Erza ~ Jerza ~ Fairy Tail ~ Beautiful artwork by akeemi-art