Roundup: 10 Easy Food Crafts To Make With Kids


Gurken Krokodil - Gemüse Deko für Kinder *** Cucumber Crocodile - Deco Idea for…


Piggy Biscuit (picture only) - looks like dinner rolls with hot dogs, covered with an egg or milk wash so they bake with a sheen and the ears stay on.

Fruit Lizard Snack

Fruit Lizard Snack (cute but I& replace the limbs& orange peel with cantelope or other edible pieces)

6 recetas con pan de molde para niños

Recipes of simple pro - recipe how to make snails. Have to translate

A Hungry Frog-Shaped Melon Bowl Dessert

Peanut Butter Dino- Sometimes kids just don't want to eat healthy. Here are some clever ways to disguise perfectly healthy breakfasts.

What a great idea for a salad! Easy ladybug made from tomato and black olive resting on a flower made of hard-boiled egg and lettuce.

Recetas para niños, ¡fruta divertida

This site has the cutest seriously the cutest kid food ideas. Bento boxes snack plates and more.

FamilyFun's Treat of the Month

Fun Food Ideas: chick made out of pineapple, strawberries and carrots.Lots of fun and healthy Easter food ideas. The kids will love these!

Recetas para niños, 5 ideas divertidas con manzana

These silly apple bites are easy to make, healthy and fun. Forks And Beans has all the information you need to make these silly apple bites as well as a recipe for the googly eyes!