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LOT 582 EMBROIDERED NEOCLASSICAL COTTON GOWN, 1799 - 1810. - whitakerauction
Villa Rosemaine | textiles et costumes anciens
i love historical clothing: regency gown 1810-1820

Regency - Guts

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Dress    1857    Abiti Antichi
c. 1850's from The Royal Armoury, the castle of Skokloster and the Halwyl museum, Sweden
1840 - 1850

Victorian Dress 1820s-1860s

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Front cover of Ackermann's Repository Volume 5 (1811)
pelisse from Napoleon : The Empire of Fashion
1798 fashion plate

I'm encouraged to see this, because my 1790s wrap-front gown also opens at the front when I walk.

Regency Fashions

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1833 fashion plate Modes de Paris, bonnets and lace pelerine
Wedding Bonnet  1830s  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

1830s Daywear

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Morning cap, cotton, American
Mantelet brodé, 1830-1835.  A double volant et deux pans. Linon brodé au plumetis de gracieuses frises de campanules et asters, pans brodés de même, bordures ondulées et dentelées. Parfait état.  Les pans étaient passés sous une large ceinture à haute boucle.

1830s Daywear (2)

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This dress' sleeves are an example of gigot/leg-of-mutton sleeves from the Romantic period. This dress was made in 1832-35. Gigot sleeves are full at the shoulder and slowly decrease in size to where they are fitted at the wrist (similar to a lamb).
Day dress, 1830-1835, via McCord Museum

1830s Daywear (3)

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"1830-1835 Floral Honeycomb Day Dress"
Dress, circa 1830
Ann's Arbor Floral Chintz in Cream by Minick & Simpson

1830s Daywear (4)

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Beautiful Hand Block Printed Pink Fabric Soft Cotton Fabric
1830 extant dress, pleated front, ruffles above collapsed sleeves
Britain or Europe, c. 1830; Cap, c. 1830s; Collar, Europe, c. 1820-40; Shawl, Europe, c. 1835; Purse, Europe, c. 1830; all Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection. Buckle, Europe, c. 1830-39

1830s Daywear (5)

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1830s Daywear (6)

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Off white Ikat fabric Fabric by Yard Handwoven Fabric
Moda en Francia 1830... I noticed the back cap is diff from the rest of the covering
canezou, 1830-1835. Tulle rebrodé au point de chaînette de frises de bouquets tournants dans le goût indo-persan. Corsage froncé devant et derrière avec pattes de maintien, grand volant faisant le tour et haut col à rabats aux bordures ondulées. Quelques reprises.

1830s Daywear (7)

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1830s Daywear (8)

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1830s Daywear (9)

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c.1830 dress. Moscow City Museum exhibition Fashion in the mirror of history: 200 years of fashion
Idiot /Imbecile sleeves from the Romantic period puff at shoulders to the cuff
PelerineDate: ca. 1835 Culture: American Medium: Cotton

1830s Daywear (10)

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Painting by Wilhelm Menzler Casel
Fabulous 1830s hair
Dress, Afternoon  Date: ca. 1835 Culture: American

1830s Daywear (11)

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Kannik's Korner Men's Patterns 1790-1820 - $16.00
Rocking Horse Farm 1795-1820 Tailcoat pattern - $19.00 (
Lord Granville Leveson-Gower, later 1st Earl Granville: Example of Regency Formal Dress. This is what was required for men at Almack's.

Regency Men

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1830's evening gown.
Puresilks taffeta $19.00 /yard silktaffeta109
1833. Evening Dress

1830 Evening Attire

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1880s winter ensembles
Winter pelisse (front). (1883)
1880s winter ensembles

Victorian - 1880-1890

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1840's dress. Note the turned down wide collar and shawl. The fuller skirt is also present and the pointed bodice. Silk, taffeta or heavy satin.
Circa 1846: A mother and daughter in Victorian crinoline and ringlets, with eerily similar facial expressions.
Checked cotton dress, American, 1840-45.

Victorian - 1840s

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Godey's lady's book 1863 Jan -June; Jul - Dec  Mousquetaire Body. This jacket may be of the same material as the skirt, or else of a rich black silk. It can be braided with cord, velvet, or braid. The Zouave sleeves are slashed to the elbow, and kept in place by a lacing of cords. The vest should be of silk, and of a color to contrast well with the jacket.  The Dagmar Jacket.  This jacket is made of either lace or muslin, and worn over a Garibaldi waist of some bright colored silk. ...
Godey's 1864 >>
Early/mid 1860s tinted photograph. May be mourning from the black collar, although the trim is pretty elaborate. Opinions?

Victorian 1860-1870

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Louis Vallet - 1916
Suit ca. 1910-15. Dark green wool jacket & skirt. Wooden buttons down front & on cuffs. Slit on each side/front of jacket with buttons dotted each side. Permanently attached belt with loops. Two shallow front pockets. Silk lining in blue & white vine design; natural fur collar. Diamond design embroidered on jacket back. Built-in discs on front of jacket to drape well. Unlined, matching skirt with 2 front pockets. Snaps up side & fastens at waist. SassySisterVintage/etsy

1890s - Edwardian - Winter

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1880's corset
Peach & Cream Velvet Gown
Petticoat 1870, American, Made of cotton

Victorian Dress 1870s-1900

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Bustle  ca. 1883

Victorian Unders

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Riding ensemble | American | The Met
Shirtwaist - cream Silk  1899
Tailored walking suit ca. late 1890s. Front wild mussel shell button, velvet facing on collar, puffy sleeves at shoulders, slight padding at chest, shaped and fitted through bodice. Pink silk satin lining. Skirt with hook & eye closure, with gores & narrow waistband. Carolyn Forbes Textiles/ebay

Victorian - 1890s

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Le matin by Numa Bassaget (1830).
Woman at her Toilet, 1835 (oil on canvas)
Chorded corsets for pregnancy and nursing

1830s Dressing / Undies

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Wedding Dress: 1879, American, silk.
American, silk gown, 1879.

Victorian - 1870-1880

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an old book with some writing on it
Blog | Regency History
Front cover of Ackermann's Repository Volume 5 (1811)
Riding ensemble | American | The Met Victorian Activewear, 1800s Womens Fashion, 1900 Fashion, Riding Habit, 1890s Fashion, Victorian Clothing, Costume Collection, Costume Institute, Riding Outfit
Riding ensemble | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Riding ensemble | American | The Met
Wedding Dress: 1879, American, silk. Decades Costumes, Vintage Weddingdress, Victorian Gowns, 1870s Fashion, 1880s Fashion, Queen Alexandra, 1800s Fashion, Bustle Dress, 19th Century Fashion
Wedding dress | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Wedding Dress: 1879, American, silk.
34.95.1_B Vintage Attire, Wedding Dress Backs, Victorian Wedding, Old Dresses, Retro Mode
American, silk gown, 1879. Museum Ideas, 1800's Dress, Wedding Gowns Vintage
American, silk gown, 1879.
1878-80 Dinner dress 1870 Fashion, 19th Century Clothing, Victorian Costume, Train Birthday, Century Clothing
Dinner dress | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1878-80 Dinner dress
George Henry Lee and Co. (active late 19th c.) Wedding Dress, 1882–83, Anonymous Gift, 1965.589, Cincinnati Museum of Art. Charles Frederick Worth, Victorian Baby Clothes, Victorian Baby, Historical Gowns, Victorian Gown, Cincinnati Art, Century Dress
Account Suspended
George Henry Lee and Co. (active late 19th c.) Wedding Dress, 1882–83, Anonymous Gift, 1965.589, Cincinnati Museum of Art.
Wedding Dress: 1879, American, silk. Unc Charlotte, Victorian Wedding Dress, Edwardian Wedding, Anthony Van Dyck, Silk Wedding Dress, Evening Dress Fashion
Wedding dress | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Wedding Dress: 1879, American, silk.
1875-1879 Bronze Gown, 1880 Fashion, Steampunk Women
two women in dresses from the 1800's
Old Rags
Fashion plate, 1880 France, Revue de la Mode
Wedding Dress, 1879, KSUM 19th Century Dresses, Womens Vintage Dresses, Fashion Cover
Online Collections | Kent State University Museum
Wedding Dress, 1879, KSUM
1870s fashion plate Motif Soutache, Edwardian Fashion Plates, 1870s Dress
1876 Journal des Dames et des Desmoiselles
1870s fashion plate
c.1880 Mauve Dinner Dress, back view Bustle Dresses, Jeanne Paquin, 19th Century Women
Dinner dress | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
c.1880 Mauve Dinner Dress, back view
1876 Black Faille Dress Pattern Edwardian Costumes, Alien Costume, The Lone Ranger, Edwardian Dress
Patterns of Time 1876 Black Faille Dress Pattern, Victorian-Edwardian-Titanic
1876 Black Faille Dress Pattern