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Students will research cinder cone, shield, and composite volcanoes and then report their findings by constructing a circlebook that features what they learned. Another hands-on activity by GravoisFare!

Students will erupt with excitement when they work on this fun and flashy circlebook activity! Ten mix-n-match templates feature ready-to-color illustrations of a Cinder Cone, a Composite Cone, and a Shield Volcano, complete with keys.

shapes of volcanoes worksheet - Google Search

During the section of the Tectonic Plate unit discussing landforms, the different types of volcanoes should be discussed.

Plate Tectonics Foldable #Homework, #Geology, #PlateTectonics

This foldable worksheet, the top portion can be used by the students as notes/study sheet. The bottom portion of the worksheet can be assigned for homework for students to complete after learning about the different plate boundaries.

Pangaea Cutout, Continents Fun

Pangea Continent Cut Outs Printable Puzzles The students could use this when learning about pangaea. They could cut these out and paste them on a piece of paper with a partner. This will assess their knowledge of whether they know where the pieces go.