Gelats amb papers de diari

Like the texture the newspaper gives and the different values in the ice cream. Done this one, kids love it and it turns out great! Watercolor newspaper or use magazines! Great for our open house ice cream social for graders!

Estrelles de mar per decorar tapa del 3er trimestre.

under the sea- star fish, craft foam as background, then colored rice or beans to make design

Ideal per a la tapa d'estiu!

for a cute display in the under the sea cave. Take a picture of the boys and add a straw and frame so they become deep sea divers. Girls could have a crown and long hair (wool) so they become mermaids

Narciso  (9) (536x700, 523Kb)

DIY Egg Carton Daffodil Flower Egg carton flower is something that you can spend about 25 to 35 minutes on. You can make so many and then use them to decorate your garden indoors. Making a nice wall garden can be fun for the whole family.

Flor amb gomets (P3)

carte pour la fête des mères chez Maud: tribune libre