Gama para catering Laduc

Amplia gama de platos y snacks ya elaborados.
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four pieces of doughnuts on a black surface
Escalopes de foie gras, de la nueva familia de procesados de ave de Laduc.
a sandwich cut in half sitting on top of a green plate next to sliced pieces of pizza
Pan Sorpresa Nórdico, elaborado con pan sueco
three different types of food made out of rocks
Tartaletas rellenas de queso y pera, o de pesto.
two photographs of different types of food on white background, one with green olives and the other without
Arlecchini de setas y de aceitunas. Deliciosos bocados salados para #catering.
four different views of cheeses and vegetables made from mozzarella, tomato, basil leaves
Tartaleta brisa redonda y cuadrada de sabores, ideal para canapés imaginativos
there are four pieces of artichoke wrapped in green stuff on the plate next to some sauce
Corazón Alcachofa Baby
a white plate topped with mini sandwiches and strawberries
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Snacks y canapés de Laduc. Miniaturas exquisitas.
several different types of pasta on a white background
Nueva línea de pasta fresca artesana ultracongelada
there are two different types of food on this plate and one is cheesy
Un viaje culinario
Mini pizzas y mini piadinas de Laduc
a white plate topped with food and a wooden skewer on top of it
Un viaje culinario
Brocheta de pollo yakitori, de Laduc
a tray filled with mini cheeseburgers and fries on top of eachother
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Nuevo Mix de Mini Burger & Mini Hot Dog, la revolución del catering
some food is sitting on a plate with a fork
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Gratin Patata Brocoli
three pieces of brown paper sitting on top of a table next to a green box
Pyramide chocolate y caramelo.
a white tray topped with cups filled with desserts and crumbled oatmeal
Mix de tapitas
two hotdogs with ketchup and mustard on them next to some vegetables
Un viaje culinario
Mini Hot Dogs