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The traditional sheet metal used on cars is becoming so becoming so over-rated. Now revolutionary car buyers are wanting materials that are made from advanced NASA materials, Velvet and even Whale Penis.

¿Te apasionan los coches de lujo? Te mostramos los más populares (y deseados) de Pinterest.  Estar al volante de uno de estos modelos es el sueño de muchos. Desde Mercedes hasta Lamborghini o Maserati. Automóviles de las mejores marcas que consiguen que, a su paso, todos se giren. Diseños impresionantes, gran potencia y, sobre todo, exclusividad. #coches #lujo #joyce #cars #Mercedes #Lamborghini #Maserati

At first the diesel cars were bought mainly because they did not use much fuel, while those cars with petrol were faster and cheaper. Along the years things have changed and differences have vanished.