7 ejercicios simples que transformarán su cuerpo en tan sólo 4 semanas

7 ejercicios simples que transformarán su cuerpo en tan sólo 4 semanas


19 Incredibly Beautiful Watercolor Painting Ideas

Bushido: las 7 virtudes del guerrero (infografía)

Sarah Michelle Gellar Tattoo - Have A Look At Examples Of The Tattoos From Your

Ian & Patrick

Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart . Photo by Andy Gotts ''This is why I adore my job.

Danny Trejo - Yahoo Rezultatele căutării de imagini

Danny Trejo - wonderful heavy in so many movies. The best thing about "Con Air" (where he played

Fabulous Sophia

Line Gost.a Sophia Loren look alike in 2008 GUESS fashion ad. Photo by Canadian rock star Bryan Adams.***Sophia was a sex kitten.

un artiste, excentrique, remarquable et tellement libre...

The work of photographer Masayoshi Sukita in his 2015 Bowie / Sukita: Changes - David Bowie Heroes Art Series exhibition

I had this scene all figured out in my head. Clint is thinking:" Why the hell did I agree to this shit".    Photographer: "Smile, mr. Eastwood".  Clint: "Fuck you!"    And then I realized, it was photoshopped. (Still I think he was saying "Fuck you", or at least thinking it)

Evil Celebrity Clowns Pics) article written by: Mikey A gallery of celebs like you’ve never seen them before… and not likely to again, which is no bad thing really, as they are all photoshopped to look like evil clowns. What you see bel (Clint Eastwood)



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