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a red and white water fountain in front of a stone wall with trees on the other side
Fuente de Turón
an old white church with two towers and a clock on it's front door
Ermita de Turón
the inside of an old stone building with wooden beams
Lavadero de Turón
a view of a town with mountains in the background and trees on the foreground
Vista de Turón
a white building with two windows and a wooden door
Fachada de Turón
an old church with a tree in front of it
Iglesia de Turón
an alley way with white buildings and green shutters on both sides, surrounded by trees
Calle de Turón
an alley way with two buildings and a potted plant on the right hand side
Calle de Turón
green leaves growing on the side of a white building with an iron fence around it
Rincón de Turón