Pablo Picasso & Paloma Picasso

Pablo Picasso’s daughter, Paloma works on her latest creation while her father works on his, "Villa La Californie," 1957 in an art studio

Calligraphy brushes.

Calligraphy Brushes in Insadong, Seoul, Korea. Love all the hanji paper & brush shops. Insadong is a place to buy traditional Korean goods.

paint..♥ .artist brushes


A ballerina decorates with her toe shoes, a recording artist frames an album, an artist loves a cup of loved brushes. They are art in themselves. Thank you, dear photographer.


A Gifter Paintbrush? What if a paintbrush were to take credit for the work of the artist? Or a student to take credit for the work of the teacher? What if we are doing those exact things in our lives and don't realize it?

important stuff lives in the trophy cup

The Best Hair Brushes for Every Type of Hair : Curly? Don*t worry, we*ve got you in this comprehensive must-buy brush guide.