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two open faced sandwiches topped with lettuce and cilantro
Rotisserie Chicken and Avocado Tostadas
Rotisserie chicken, tostadas, and avocado come together for this no-cook, 15-minute meal with big flavor and crunch. #tostadas #easymeals #recipes #quickrecipes
a tortilla topped with tofu and vegetables
20 Easy, Healthy Dinner Ideas Your Whole Family Will Love
Thanks to these easy healthy dinner recipes, you'll finally have an answer to the question "what healthy meals should I make this week?" Here, 20 healthy recipes your whole family will love. #healthydinner #dinnerideas #easyrecipes #recipes
a white bowl filled with chicken noodle soup
33 Quick and Easy Family Dinner Recipes
Making dinner for your family can be tricky. Luckily, we've curated 32 quick and easy family-friendly dinner recipes your entire family will love, including Chicken Spaghetti Casserole and Crispy Chicken Cutlets. #dinnerideas #easydinnerideas #weekightdinner #familydinnerideas
a white plate topped with broccoli and fish next to a slice of lemon
Sun-Dried Tomato Butter Salmon and Broccolini Is Your New Go-To Easy Dinner
The secret to this sun-dried tomato butter salmon and broccolini recipe is all in the seasoning. And the butter helps keep everything moist. #recipeideas #recipes #salmon #easydinner #dinnerideas
a wooden spoon with some cooked potatoes on it and seasoning in the bowl next to it
18 Air Fryer Recipes Almost Too Quick and Easy to Be True
These are the best air fryer oven recipes out there, from air fryer chicken breast to air fryer french fries, air fryer Brussels sprouts, and air fryer fish. #airfryerrecipes #quickrecipes #easydinners #airfryerideas
a pizza that has been cut into eight pieces and is topped with an egg on top
Crowd-Pleasing Carbonara Pizza Ready in Just 30 Minutes
This white pizza recipe borrows all the best parts from spaghetti Carbonara with an extra dose of cheese to boot. Did we mention it's an easy 30-minute dinner idea? #comfortfood #comfortfoodrecipes #easydinner #recipeideas #recipes #pizza #whitepizza
a white plate topped with fish and salad
14 Healthy Fish and Shrimp Recipes for Easy Meals
Does your family love seafood dishes like fish tacos, shrimp salad, and seared salmon? Explore these and other healthy recipes with fish and shrimp. #recipeideas #recipes #seafood #seafooddishes #salmon #healthyrecipes
a close up of a pizza with oranges and other toppings on the top
27 Easy Eggplant Recipes for Quick Lunches, Dinners, and Sides
Get inspired with these tasty eggplant recipes for just about any meal. We have roasted eggplant, grilled eggplant, fried eggplant, and more. #howtocook #recipeideas #recipes #eggplant #howtogrill
a pan filled with some food on top of a blue table cloth and wooden spoon
40 Sunday Dinner Ideas That Are Short on Stress and Fuss
These stress-less Sunday dinner ideas make a big impression with just a little effort. They're the perfect antidote for the Sunday scaries. #recipeideas #recipes #easydinners #quickrecipes
a pizza with cucumbers, onions and chickpeas is on a white plate
Quick and Easy One-Pan Recipes When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking
Discover 20+ quick and easy one-pan recipes you can make on nights when you don't really feel like cooking. Simple yet satisfying dishes to make include Greek Chicken and Potatoes and Sheet Pan Pork With Fennel and Apples. #onepandinner #easydinners #easyrecipes #weeknightrecipes
a white plate topped with pasta and shrimp
50+ Delicious 30-Minute Dinner Ideas Perfect for Busy Nights
Need dinner recipes for busy nights? We have nearly two months' worth of delicious 30-minute dinner ideas to help you take dinner off of your to-do list fast. #dinner #quickdinner #easydinner #fastdinnerideas #weeknightdinner
two crab cakes on a white plate with greens and lemon wedges next to it
Chile-Lime Salmon Cakes with Arugula Salad
Canned salmon makes this weeknight salmon cakes recipe super simple. The salmon is seasoned with lime, chili-garlic sauce, and cilantro and served with arugula and a quick stir-together sauce. It all comes together in 30 minutes. #salmon #cannedsalmon #weeknightdinner #quickdinner #whattocook
two bowls filled with soup on top of a green table cloth next to spoons
42 Easy No-Cook Recipes to Make for Lunch or Dinner
Our no-cook meals require minimum kitchen time and no heat. From gazpacho to sandwiches to hearty salads, you'll have a delicious meal. No sweat! #nocookrecipes #quickdinner #easydinner #lunch #fastrecipes
a quiche with asparagus, bacon and cheese in a pie pan on a table
Use-It-Up Quiche
This easy quiche recipe starts with a store-bought crust and is the perfect vehicle to use up all the bits and bobs of meat and vegetables hanging out in the refrigerator. #quiche #meatrecipes #quickdinners #easydinners
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a green plate topped with potatoes, broccoli and other food on top of it
23 Easy Pasta Recipes Ready in Less Than 45 Minutes
Discover 23 easy pasta recipes that are ready in 45 minutes or less. Simple yet delicious pasta dishes include Instant Pot Risotto With Peas and Crispy Salami, Roasted Broccoli Pesto Pasta, and more. #dinner #pasta #pastarecipes #easydinners #fastmeals