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#wattpad #de-todo imagenes 7u7 de memes de bts xD oe zhi!!!! pasen y diviertance agradecimiento a :Nerita de soompi spanish por tan bellos memes xD eres la mejor!!!

My bias(es) isn't afraid to look ugly, it will still make me squeal like a retarded seal >.>(i love luke too though ) << Luke is from. No that's a different Luke? I have no knowledge of western bands except mcr lololol

Jeon Jungkook..oops! I mean Jeon Cena!

He kept that promise And I'm still dying rn fml I'm only a year younger and I still haven't got that glo up ; Well he never needed one bc he was always perfect ohohohohoh

They're so handsome as is, the makeup is basically useless.

They're so handsome as is! Goddamn, I need to see Jungkook tan more often, its so attractive! Stop whitewashing their skin bighit, they have beautiful skin already ;