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Disfruta esta tarde en compañía de estas bellas #FrasesDeAprendizaje. #Frases #FrasesMotivadoras #FrasesCortas

Frases de Aprendizaje

Sometimes you have to inject fantasy to not die of reality

Frases español vida

Going to work, God made me good-looking but forgot to make me wealthy!

Frases De Amor ♥ - Comunidad - Google+

If you see me in one of your thoughts, hug me because I'm missing you!

When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love

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Win-win is how I want things, I already made that clear. But you chose to ignore. Disrespecting and trampling others' boundaries is robbing someone of happiness.

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"No subas la voz. A great reminder that you need strength in the quality of your argument, not the loudness of your voice.

El mundo cambia con tu ejemplo, no con tu opinión.

"El mundo cambia con tu ejemplo no con tu opinión" Paulo Coelho ''The world changes with your example not with your opinion'' -Paulo Coelho

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