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an origami heart on a red cloth with yellow flowers in the center,
A heart by crown | Origami Monday Origami Puffy Heart designed by Gay Merrill Gross and folded by Alex Robles #OrigamiMonday
origami heart and puffy heart with the words organi on white background
Origami Puffy Heart Instructions - 3D Paper Heart - DIY - Paper Kawaii
#OrigamiMonday | Origami Puffy Heart
an origami heart box with the lid open
Origami Heart Box -- Redo
#OrigamiMonday | Origami Heart Box
some diagrams and instructions for how to make an origami dog
Origami Unicorn
several different colored papers flying in the air with their hands on top of each other
DIY Origami Lotus Flower
Origami Loto
an origami bat is shown on a white background
ORIGAMI WOLF (Jo Nakashima & Camila Zeymer)
#OrigamiMonday | ORIGAMI WOLF (Jo Nakashima & Camila Zeymer)
an origami paper boat floating in front of a full moon
#OrigamiMonday | Lonely wolf howling at the Moon Wolf designed by Jo Nakashima & Camila Zeymer Background made with paper and digitally treated
an origami owl sitting in the middle of a hole with leaves on it
#OrigamiMonday | Owl waiting to go flying Owl designed by Didier Boursin
an origami frog sitting on the ground in front of a blurry background
#OrigamiSnail | Snail going to hibernate after the last rains
three pumpkins with faces on them in front of a full moon and bats flying overhead
#OrigamiMonday | Origami Hallowen Pumpkins - Pumpkin designed by @paperkawaii
three origami birds are standing in a grassy field with blue sky and clouds
#OrigamiMonday | Two ostriches in the savannah
an origami bird on a giraffe's skin
#OrigamiMonday | Giraffe head in giraffe pattern
#OrigamiMonday | Mother monkey and her son in the jungle Hoop Earrings
#OrigamiMonday | Mother monkey and her son in the jungle