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Jardim Zoologico #zoo #soundwave

visualising sound can be difficult, here someone has recorded a sound and tracked the sound waves and digitally visualised what these would look like, a very interesting out come and very aesthetically pleasing visuals the sound waves make.

wind turbines - Yahoo! Search Results

vertical wind generator, this design takes less material, takes less wind to move it, and less air space then all the massive propeller ones in use right now.

wind turbine

Vertical axis wind powered generator information and facts post. VAWT have a lot of good points when compared to classic wind generators and are increasing in popularity among homeowners.

Airbus abre «campus» en Getafe

Airbus abre «campus» en Getafe

How to Make a Three Pendulum Rotary Harmonograph via

Not really sure why youo'de want to build one of these except for artsy fartsy drawings, but here are some DIY plans - a three-pendulum rotary harmonograph

metaLayer Visualizations - Stacked Waveform  By Jon Gosier

metaLayer Visualizations - Stacked Waveform By Jon Gosier