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Feather Type (Escrito a Pluma) - Free Font by Manuel Persa

A Font Made From Beautiful Bird Feathers ~ Spanish graphic designer Manuel Persa has created a free font that is made from bird feathers. Using the feathers of different species of birds, Persa skillfully shapes them into the letters of the alphabet.

NSWE on Behance

NSWE by teo gagliano, via Behance - Alphabet formed with highly graphical stems and leaves. Would only be used as a graphical element due to readability issues, but oh so beautifula dn innivative!

Zobacz na Instagramie zdjęcie użytkownika @type.gang • Polubienia: 5,508

This graphic incorporates so many features into one beautifully crafted unified design which is classy yet eyecatching. The art mixed with the typographic element just adds a mystical, fairytale aspect to the whole design.

HECTICA - Free Typeface

I really like how it looks kind of like an alien language or some language from an ancient civilization.

#36DaysofType © Rafa Goicoechea I Diseño, tipografia I Coctel Demente-AZ

alphabet based on geometric forms, that combines weird perspectives, impossible-like figures, volumes and colors, lots of colors!