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Beautiful pottery tools.

Chris Weaver driftwood ceramics tools - like a work of art. Can you imagine holding them in your hand & the art they would inspire?

Roman bone implements

Ancient Viking items made of bone

Paddle tools used to slap the coil built vessel walls at the Nakazato Tarouemon studio. This clay forming method is called “tataki giho”, a traditional method that was lost but revived by the late living national treasure, Nakazato Tarouemon XII.

A Tour of the Pottery Towns of Southern Japan: Part I: Karatsu .

Hand crafted pottery tools

Driftwood tools by Chris Weaver. I never thought to do this! One more thing to drag home from the shore of Lake Seneca next summer.

I definitely want a few of these. Durable, eco-friendly, bamboo pottery tools.

Traditional Bamboo Pottery Tools by bambootools: Durable, lightweight, ergonomic and green.


♂ Organic art Ceramics + typography by the talented Karin Eriksson.

get-attachment.asp 320×480 píxeles

get-attachment.asp 320×480 píxeles

Studio spaces and artist's homes

wall mural Pieces of abract art brings a neat feel to the room. Art pieces painted of the wall or sculptures brings character to a room. It may look like nothing you can explain, but it lets the artist create the experience they want you to feel.

Anillo de cerámica hecho a mano, motivos geometricos, joyeria ceramica, joyeria geometrica, geometricos, broches hechos a mano, viruset

Ceramic Jewelry by Viruset Studio

porcelain faceted stone brooch by madebymememe on Etsy, £20.00

me me me - Brooches faceted porcelain