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two hands reaching for each other with the words ritual studio above them in black and white
I will do simple minimalist luxury logo design | wordmark logo
Are you looking for a simple wordmark logo looks luxurious? Then you are in the right place. My specialty is luxury brand identity design. I have five years of experience in this field.I can provide you simple minimalist luxury logo that suits your business and its future. Why choose me? You will get industry research, 3 logo concepts, social media kit, mockups and all necessary files from me. Note: please get in touch with me before placing an order.
an image of a hotel lobby with couches and chairs on the floor in front of it
Web design hotel
an image of a website page with many different colors and sizes, including red white and blue
Web design inspiration | #348
Interaction Design / Universal Music Group Germany by Rene Bieder, via Behance
three donuts with different types of frosting and sprinkles
Donuts, by Florian Pollet
Muzli - Design inspiration hub
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an image of food on a blackboard with the words, donuts and other ingredients
Pane. There's no shortcuts to quality. #webdesign #design
an ipad, tablet and cell phone are shown with the same screen size as each other
User interface inspiration | #1050
IndieCine App
the landing page for a website designed to look like hexagons
Web design inspiration | #630
Web design inspiration gefunden auf www.fromupnorth.com gepinned von der Hamburger Werbeagentur BlickeDeeler. Ihr wollt mehr Infos über uns >>> www.BlickeDeeler.de
a poster with different types of desserts and candies on it's sides
Ferroconcrete: Fruute Branding
Minimal Site Design
an image of a web page with food and drink items on the bottom right hand corner
Diageo on Behance
an info sheet with different lines and colors
500色の色えんぴつ TOKYO SEEDS|フェリシモ
One page, infinite scroll style. Web Design. Graphic design inspirational layout. mockup newsletter style.
the different types of web pages are shown
Web design inspiration | #764
Attempts at Flight by Thomas Ramey