Tapa d'àlbum

Kinder Self Portraits, Make Tissue paper backgrounds on one day then full body self portraits the next class. Have parent helpers help cut them out and students can glue them onto their tissue paper backgrounds

aw, cute art project

Birds - great project for actual and visual texture. every student could do their own bird in the class. a bird collage.


Preschool Crafts for Kids This cute little Summer hand print crab craft is perfect for summer camps or a trip to the beach. You just need red pain, hands, paper and a few touches. Kids and parents love hand print crafts and it’s true, you can make anythi

La tardor

Teach Them To Fly: Saying words that begin with W is a lot like making wind with your mouth. Students practice "w" sounds while being the wind, teacher photographs, students add leaves to complete "W is for Wind" project.

Rudolph's Crazy Cousin {we all have one}... a craftivity and writing exercise... Christmas fun... planning ahead!

Funky Fresh Firsties: Rudolph's Crazy Cousin---Super cute craft and writing idea to coordinate with the book. (Should Santa let Rudolph's crazy cousin help deliver gifts?

Flower crafts

Fun Activity at Home: Flower crafts for Kids. could use popsicle sticks, cupcake liners, buttons, etc

Ideal per a la tapa d'estiu!

for a cute display in the under the sea cave. Take a picture of the boys and add a straw and frame so they become deep sea divers. Girls could have a crown and long hair (wool) so they become mermaids

Flor amb gomets (P3)

carte pour la fête des mères chez Maud: tribune libre


styrofoam printing for bowl dish or plate black and white painting on plate to make bowls graphic paintng for icecream