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Ángela Domínguez

Ángela Domínguez
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How to build a bird feeder: Build a haven for birds in your back yard to enjoy nature’s flying visitors.

How to build a Bird feeder with pattern and tutorial, video info . for larger birds ( this is from Australian version of Better Homes and Gardens)

Bird watching - Feed them fresh fruit - Baltimore Orioles love oranges and Cardinals love grapes

Bird Watching in the Garden ~ Feed them fresh fruit.Baltimore Orioles love oranges and Cardinals love grapes! (Be careful if you have dogs, as grapes are poisonous to dogs.make sure the grapes aren't somewhere your dog can eat them.

How to Build a Squirrel Feeder Jar

A squirrel feeder is a way to attract more wildlife to your backyard or private garden. It's simple to make and will bring squirrels. Not only will it attract these adorable creatures, it will keep them from going after the birds in your bird feeders.