Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. Stunning.

Barcelona, Spain - Sagrada Familia - Gaudi I've been there once but didn't get to see the light through the stained glass like this!

The Amazing Rock Village | Setenil de las Bodegas, Cádiz, Spain

The Amazing Rock City in Setinil, Spain - Setenil de las Bodegas is about 18 km away from Ronda in the province of Cadiz, has wedged itself between the cliffs eroded by the Rio Trejo river. [1204x910]

The Amazing Rock Village - Setenil de las Bodegas. A town (pueblo) in the province of Cádiz, Spain, famous for its dwellings built into rock overhangs above the Rio Trejo. It has an exact antipodal city: Auckland, New Zealand.


¡Hoy todo me resbala! Citas Frases This was a word wisdom that my mom used to tell me growing up.

'Seagulls' - Mouro Island, Santander, Cantabria by Marina Cano

Seagulls by the lighthouse - Mouro Island, Santander, Cantabria Photo by Marina Cano

Caminito del Rey, Malaga, Spain

El Camino del Rey (King’s pathway) - Málaga, Spain. The walkway is one metre feet and 3 inches) in width, and rises over 100 metres feet) above the river below.

'Los cinco vientos' - Consuegra. Castilla La Mancha by Renato López Baldó

Consuegra, Spain - Consuegra is a municipality located in the province of Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain. In 2009 the municipality had a population of inhabitants. It is 80 km from Ciudad Real and 60 km from Toledo.

Bilbao by Mario Gutiérrez

I found this narrow, gray street in Bilbao, Spain.