Frida Kahlo I'd never seen this before. Assuming this is what the patti smith portrait is referencing

Frida Kahlo's head on Patti Smith's body. Photo of Patti Smith taken by Robert Mapplethorpe for the cover of her 1975 album Horses. - Me encanta esta foto - (se ve tan natural)

Frida Kahlo: by Nickolas Muray

Frida Kahlo - Mexican artist - one of my favourite people with such an interesting life story shared through her art. Muray, Nickolas (b. Hungary, Frieda Kahlo ca 1940

Frida Kahlo, visionary. i like how she has combined colours and a monochrome effect together, the bright colours draw you in (the bright pink flower on her head) and then you see that black and white effect, the lips stand out a lot compared to the face because they are bright red, this would draw the viewer in

Frida Kahlo collage using the 1939 Nickolas Muray photo "Frida with Olmec Figurine" (detail)