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three different types of plates and spoons with words on them that say it's time to drink
Online Job Search Sites - Search for Millions of Jobs in All Kinds
Publicité - Creative advertising campaign - Smart: Design is nothing if its not smart
a close up of a fork on a white surface with the words uniler 2012 to food day
Unicef: World Food Day
Unicef Switzerland: World Food Day.
two men are facing each other and one is wearing a headscarf on his head
Portfolio - oliviero Toscani Studio
an image of a man with glasses hanging on the wall above it's eyeglasses
I Never Thought Pictures Could Impact Me So Much. But These Hit Me Hard.
there are two pictures of airplanes on this pole
What Goes Around – Comes Around – Anti-War Campaign This must be one of the most creative social advertisement campaign we’ve ever seen – the idea is so simple, yet the message is incredibly strong. The particular anti-war campaign was created by “Global Coalition for Peace” for an end to the war in Iraq. While the simple version of the ads show the power, the rolled-up version show the consequences.
a paper cut out of a dog on a brick wall
Creative Breathing em WordPress.com
Publicidade do site de adopção de cães Petfinder.com: "Preenche o vazio. Adopta."
two billboards with an apple logo on them
Steve Jobs Critic
Steve Jobs Critic by Goran Šoša, via Behance
a shark with its mouth open and it's teeth wide open in the water
Ads - funny
creative advertising Maybe not nailed it. But this is definitely good. It's funny and the message is obvious. Although if too much time is spent on it, it starts to feel like Colgate is saying they can practically rebuild whole entire teeth.