Alba Sofia Villacorta Pineda

Alba Sofia Villacorta Pineda

Alba Sofia Villacorta Pineda
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Nature Photo Transferring

Awesome DIY Image Transfer Projects - Transferring photos onto just about any surface such as wood, metal, glass, terra cotta and even fabric has become a popular craft projects

3 Wheel Combination Secret Box

To open the Three Wheel Secret Combination Puzzle Box you must find the correct position pattern for the 3 wheels. x x - Interior approx.

Podemos usar este formato para mensajes ocultos o para descubrir qué letras están en el papel

DIY Encrypted Invites - awesome for a Secret Agent Party. Print the text for each invite. Then run each one through the printer again to print the red scramble overtop. (PDF of red scramble saved on flashdrive wooden ring.

Cardboard Cryptex Safe!

A cryptex is a portable vault used to hide messages and valuables. Most cryptexes are built from robust materials such as metal and wood. However, a cryptex can also.

Secret Agent Kit: Message Decoder « Stitch-Craft - Write a message in light blue pen, then scribble over it w/red pen; when you hold red film over the paper, the message is revealed!

could have a piece of vellum between a blue and red page. If you print in blue and red on the vellum, the message will only be readable when it's against the other color.