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zayn's freakin' bowler. and harry just standing there all gorgeous. STOPITRIGHTNOW.

: my proudest moment as a directioner was when their first album came out. I remember how much I begged my mom to drive me to target and it was amzayn day


I'm so happy for them and proud of them! They work their butts off and they deserve all the success they have! I'm not trying to sound mushy, they just have improved and it's amazing that we've seen it from the start up til now. Keep it up boys!

I miss buzz cut Liam

Zayn is just like don't mess it up Liam


guyssss in the 'Try Hard' music video Luke doesn't have his lip piercing yet, and it says in the song "I pierce my lip so she thinks I'm cool". They were basically warning us that Luke was planning on it.

mis cuatro hombres <3 <3

I remember four months ago I was sitting in our recliner and I saw a picture of Luke and accepting me into the family