Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (30 Mar,1746 – 16 April,1828): Spanish romantic painter/printmaker regarded as Last of Old Masters & First of Moderns. Court painter to Spanish Crown; painted portrait of Joseph Bonaparte, pretender to Spanish throne; documented war in masterpiece Desastres de la Guerra. Commentator & chronicler of his era, subversive imaginative element & bold handling of paint, provided model for work of artists Manet, Picasso & Francis Bacon. ~ Wikipedia
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Francisco de Goya

Majas on a Balcony, Francisco de Goya, c. oil on canvas, The Met. Goya involves the viewer into the painting by placing the girl’s foot directly on the edge of the balcony railing/ edge of the canvas.

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Francisco Goya, Capricho No. Mucho hay que chupar (There is plenty to suck),

Dona Isabel de Porcel - Francisco Goya

Portrait of Doña Isabel de Porcel, by the Spanish painter Francisco Goya around The portrait depicts Isabel Lobo Velasco de Porcel, who was born at Ronda around 1780 and was the second wife of Antonio Porcel.

The Duchess of Alba Arranging her Hair - Francisco Goya (Romanticism) ~Repinned Via Christophe Calame

The Duchess of Alba Arranging Her Hair by Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes…

El cautiverio es tan bárbara como la delincuencia  - Francisco de Goya  ~Repinned Via Kirstin Kirkpatrick

The Captivity is as Barbarous as the Crime Francisco de Goya Y Lucientes

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List of Famous Francisco Goya Artwork

Francisco de Goya: “Bartolomé Sureda y Miserol”. Oil on canvas, x cm, c. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA

#Prison Scene- Francisco #Goya

Prison Scene by Goya. Painting analysis, large resolution images, user comments, slideshow and much more.

Goya en El Prado:  Joven barriendo  ~Repinned Via Amparo Mañez

Goya en El Prado: Joven barriendo ~Repinned Via Amparo Mañez

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Duchess Countess of Benavente, 1785 Francisco Goya - All works chronologically

Goya XVIII ~Via lagula(g)

The Family of the Duke of Osuna 1788 Museo Del Prado Madrid Francisco de Goya