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Quote│Citas - - - Meaning: money makes people rich, knowledge makes wise people but humility makes great people

¿Y eso cómo se hace? | Los 22 carteles de restaurantes más fantásticos del mundo

"No, we don't have wi-hi. Talk to each other." Cool Beans turns off the wi-fi once a week and forced people to talk to each other. The trick: It's a random day of the week each time.

Quote│Citas - #Quote - #Citas - #Frases

"All grown-ups were once children. but only few of them remember it." in Spanish "Todos los mayores han sido primero niños. Learn Spanish with quotes


"Don't know if I should fall in love or just make myself a sandwich, the idea is to feel something in my stomach"


Missing cat poster pictured: Lost pet found next to its OWN wanted poster in window