Ainhoa bc bravo

Ainhoa bc bravo

Ainhoa bc bravo
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Umbreon has to be one of my top favorites <3

I really want an umbreon. I've recently gotten a Froagie (or frogie idk) as my starter Pokemon from professor oak. I'm training to be a master and fill up my pokedex!

Inspiring image i miss you, manga, quote, sad by Bobbym - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Piplup by on @deviantART

Pokemon from the game Pokemon yellow. Placed in grid format to make it easier for pixel-arters to create on minecraft, in hama form, cross-stitch or other form of non-isometric pixel art.


This is the story about two teenagers finding comfort in each other while their love for anime and manga alienates then from their families and the rest of society. It's titled: "the fault in my subs." ^ you are perfect.