Pasillo exterior

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the hallway is lined with white planters and plants
来客の期待感を高めてくれる前庭 囲まれた庭に自然を感じるシンプルモダンの家/ホテルライクなくつろぎの邸宅【東京都港区】|重量木骨の家
an outdoor area with stairs, potted plants and grass
Genialidad decó (con sintonía) · Genius decor idea (& tune) - Vintage & Chic. Pequeñas historias de decoración
a wooden deck with steps leading up to it and plants growing on the side wall
a set of steps in front of a house surrounded by trees and rocks on the ground
Concrete stairs
concrete steps leading up to the top of a hill in a grassy area with trees and bushes