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a room with marble walls and flooring in the corner, it is very nice to see
"Instant Impact: Daily Tips for Bathroom Brilliance!"
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Bathroom wall decoration ideas Inspiration, Design, Interior, Ideas, Bad, Dekorasyon, Baden, Douche, Haus
Bathroom wall decoration ideas
Bathroom wall decoration ideas
a bathroom with black and white marble walls
Дизайн маленькой ванной с туалетом: идеи обустройства и примеры проектов (100 фото)
a room filled with lots of flowers hanging from the ceiling next to a white wall
Still Life — Rebecca Louise Law
a hand is holding a mouse in front of a wall with blue and white scales on it
7 Steps to Designing a Custom Backsplash
several pieces of blue and white glass are arranged on a wall with diamond shapes in the center
a large white sculpture hanging from the side of a wall next to a doorway and stairs
Collection | haberdashery
a white marble reception table with gold accents on the side and a large wall mural behind it
Leaf Eddy · Decorative Wall Sculpture
Leaf Eddy is a range of wall sculptures available as standard or custom compositions each configured to complement different spaces within high end luxury interiors. Porcelain leaves are delicately mounted via fine stem fixings and are available in a selection of finishes including 14 karat gold or platinum lustres and pure white glaze.‎ #wallsculpture #decorativelighting #walllighting #luxurylighting #lightingsculpture #walllight #luxurylighting #porcelain #luxuryinteriors #wallart #walldecor
four different types of leaves with the words leaf edgy composition 1
Light by Haberdashery
Leaf Eddy · Standard | haberdashery
a large wall sculpture with gold leaf designs on it's sides and a white floor
Light by Haberdashery
an abstract painting with gold leaves on white paper and wavy lines in the background,
three gold fish are flying in the air with their tails curled up and facing each other
FANTAIL : J15HG-001 - Rattan sculpture by Corner 43 Decor | ArchiExpo
Rattan sculpture - FANTAIL : J15HG-001 - Corner 43 Decor - wall
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with white walls and lights
Fish shaped lighting
an art installation with gold leaves suspended from the ceiling
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room
Bespoke lighting design of floating, twisting glass leaves in golden, cognac and crystal hues
The perfect swirling centrepiece for the large, luxurious dining area. 🍂 This bespoke lighting installation is made up of the hand-blown glass leaves that play with light so you get a different experience from every angle of the spacious dining room interior. The golden, brown and crystal coloured chandelier complements the beige interior with blue and golden touches. #modernchandelier#crystalchandelier#goldenlightinginstallation#diningareachandelier#diningroom#glassdetail#handblownglass
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with birds flying around it in front of a black background
a bar with lots of chairs and lights hanging from the ceiling over it's bar area
Sexy Fish — London, UK
As oxymorons go, it�s safe to say Sexy Fish grabs the attention. And in the case of Caprice Holding�s newest venture, the name does no justice to its gleeful sumptuousness and all-out fantasy romp. These are clearly bountiful times for Caprice. Sexy Fish
some lights that are hanging from the ceiling in front of a dark wall and floor
Frank Gehry: Fish Lamps, Davies Street, London, November 7–December 21, 2013 | Gagosian
a bunch of lights that are hanging from the ceiling in front of some kind of building
Louis Vuitton Foundation
the interior of a restaurant with large fish decorations on the walls and ceiling, along with wicker chairs
自然素材照明ハンドメイドオーダーNatural material lighting Handmade order