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Belarus travel guides, tips, and inspiration - Everything you need to know before backpacking, visiting or traveling to Belarus #belarus #belarustravel…
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a man standing in front of a white building with a green roof and the words things to do in minsk in 3 days
Things to do in Minsk in 3 days
Places to visit in Minsk (Belarus) in a 3-day itinerary. Includes travel tips and a lot of its Soviet Heritage, Minsk's main tourist attraction. #belarustravel #minsktravelguide #minsktourism #placestovisitinminsk
a man standing in front of a body of water
Useful tips for traveling to Belarus
Everything you must to travel to Belarus, one of the least visited countries in Europe. It contains travel tips like how to get a Belarus visa, moving around, budget, costs, cultural facts and more, much more. #belarustourism #visitbelarus #easterneurope
an image of a church with the words belarus on it
Anderson Design Group
Anderson Design Group – World Travel – Belarus
people are walking on the sidewalk in front of a large painting that reads, belorrussia costas my raas que haer
Weird things to do in Belarus
Belarus is the most peculiar country in Europe and here you can see the weirdest and most bizarre places to visit in Belarus #visitbelarus #belarustourism
a large building that is next to a parking lot with stairs leading up to it
9 fascinating examples of Soviet-era architecture
The National Library of Belarus in Minsk
people are walking around in front of an old building with the words belars 7 - week itinerary
Belarus, 1-week itinerary
Things to do and places to visit in Belarus in a compelling 7-day itinerary. It also includes transportation tips, where to stay and as a bonus, additional places to visit if you have spare days.