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LED / clip de papel híbrido

Concept from Korean designer Sungho Lee: Intuitively, I love it! How clever! I want to make a bunch of my own—as I imagine Mr. Lee did—by cutting up some paper clips, clipping the leads on a bunch of LEDs, and soldering the one to the other.

Infografía Anatomía de un Altar de Muertos

Day of the Dead - anatomy of the altar of the dead. This poster shows the different elements of a Día de los Muertos altar and could be used to demonstrate to students if they were learning about it or were going to create their own altars as a project.

dia de los muertos altar

The Day of the Dead in Mexico is a joyous and festive celebration. It is the celebration of the happy existence of souls. There are candles and food, which are placed on the altar. Sweets like chocolate coffins, sugar skeletons are also placed there.