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Cómo Estudiar Mejor – Recomendaciones Prácticas

#FelizLunes Cómo pretendes volar; si no te alejas de los que

"How do you intend to fly if you don't distance yourself from those that tear off your feathers.

La buena educación en cada país - Para saber comportarse en torno a una mesa

Pra, plani eshte qe do vish te me marresh, pastaj do shkojme bashke diku per te ngrene dicka dhe do rrime deri vone.



Sometimes there is no next time, sometimes there are no second chances, sometimes it is now or never.

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"You forgave, accepted, recognized, and loved; Remember that you have to live with yourself always.

De acuerdo. *baila la danza de la lluvia*

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Then look, and make it happen, as the only thing that falls out of the sky is rain.

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Y mucho más, el amor propio debe ser nuestra prioridad.

Y mucho más, el amor propio debe ser nuestra prioridad.