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1938 FAMO Typ F3 s. Zgkw. 18t - Sd.Kfz.9

A Afrika Korps Famo SdKfz 9 with a interesting camo net over the engine hood area.

A vendre: Complete 88mm d'origine Flak 36. Probablement la pièce d'artillerie le plus connu de la Seconde Guerre mondiale

Reich ATG Another shot of a flak gun on its limber putting action on a target(s) this time in North Africa

German tanks: Elefant. These are newly produced Ferdinands at Nibelungenwerke in Austria where they were assembled. Note that they have no gun shields. This did not occur with all Ferdinands, and the ones that didn't have them were retro-fitted, so these guns are probably early in the production.

Three Tiger P SdKfz 184 Ferdinand Tank Destroyers lined up with travel gun lock mechanism attached while being moved to a new postion.