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Stefan Zsaitsits from Hainburg is an illustrator and has been published in magazines such as; artmagazine, ROOMS Art Uncovered Magazine and more. His work has been featured in many exhibitions and he also has a book published titled ” Headsongs”.

Awesomeness by Stefan Zsaitsits

This is the dark but quirky work of Stefan Zsaitsits who is a very talented artist based in Austria.

Drawings Nov 2011 by Stefan Zsaitsits, via Behance

Stefan Zsaitsits is an Austrian artist born in Hainburg/Donau. Stefan specializes in drawing, fine arts and painting.

Stefan Zsaitsits: pensamientos en voz alta

Selected pencil on paper drawings by Austrian illustrator Stefan Zsaitsits. His illustrations often depict an odd personality or strange

Yo solía ser su su confidente, su caja de secretos en la que guardaba sus sueños, sus anhelos, sus esperanzas...

The children in these drawings have a lot of things running through their oversized heads. Vienna based illustrator Stefan Zsaitsits inhabits the youngsters with cacti, the ruins of a graveyard, a haunted house.

Wonderful Pencil Drawings by Stefan Zsaitsits

Wonderful Pencil Drawings by Stefan Zsaitsits