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an illustration of flowers and leaves on a white background
Pin by MARIA DE FATIMA on Artes pro | Flower art painting, Flower drawing, Boho painting
a drawing of a woman sitting in bed with an empty thought bubble above her head
35 Frases reflexivas de Mafalda que te dejarán Pensando
El hartazgo causa apatia en unos y coraje en otros. "Cuesta juntar animos para bajar al mundo" dice Mafalda. TEN ANIMO Y CORAJE!
a painting of a black cat with flowers and butterflies
Oi, prazer, meu nome é Charmoso. Nem preciso explicar o porquê, né?!!!♥♥
a cartoon cat wearing a pink raincoat and holding an umbrella with the words lovely ray on it
Lovely day! By misspink.
a drawing of a woman sitting at a desk with a red ribbon in front of her
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Te coseré una capa mágica | Láminas originales | Anna Llenas
a drawing of a woman sitting at a sewing machine with her hands on the table
a passion for sewing
Hollie Hobbie. I actually have this print on a plate.:)