Bambu y materiales Naturales.

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four pictures showing the steps to make an umbrella out of sticks and yarn, with instructions on how to tie them
the diagram shows how to make an object with wire and wood
Actualización a la entrada del tutorial de la canasta
La Tapatía: tutoriales
several baskets and bowls are arranged on a bamboo mat, with yarn in the middle
instructions for how to tie a knot on a clothes hanger in three different ways
夏におすすめ!おしゃれなカジュアルな かごバッグの作り方
instructions on how to make an umbrella out of bamboo sticks
para cuadros hechos por ti
four pictures show how to make a woven leaf planter with green apples and flowers
an artistic sculpture made out of bamboo sticks
Beautiful Hyperboloid Made of Skewers - Make:
George Hart continues to rock Math Mondays on MAKE, up this week is the skewer hyperboloid! Thirty two shish kabob skewers and 176 small rubber bands are a
an image of some kind of art that looks like it is made out of wood
Thousand Line Construction
Thousand Line Construction : Hamish Macpherson A spatial exploration into the interplay of materials, construction techniques, and delicate and precise design. Inspired by Hanakago
several different types of umbrellas and how they are used to protect them from the sun
Entwerfen mit Bambus