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WOW!  Me encanto, ademas me gusta este tipo de arte, por que las mandalas y el Zentagle tambien son arte dejen me les dijo, ademaqs no solo es hobby!

Drawings - This is a photograph of an original hand drawn design done with finepoint sharpie on Bristol board. The print is on thick quality 9 x 6 paper!

imagínense de que el que esta en medio es Eridan y los otros 2 son Sollux  y Feferi

This is how it feels to be the third wheel >>> As they get closer, you are being torn apart. The guy who's about to get torn apart is the male version of me.

Sweet death

Change face, have maybe a skeleton silhouette and have his hand bending more realistically along with the woman's arm. Breasts top notch though

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tattoo on her back left shoulder; the rose petals would be a dark red; (Mayday also has a tattoo of her daughter's name written in cursive along her ride side)