Pilar Abion Ripolles

Pilar Abion Ripolles

Pilar Abion Ripolles
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Jude Hill Liquid moon

Slower than slow, this one did go. MoonFlow I& here swimming it it. Starting over. As it becomes clear how each moment offers that. Path is so.

love the stitching

I have another favorite fiber artist that I& like to showcase before the end of this month, Jude Hill, the maker of spirit cloth. She, lik.

extending a grid, by jude hill

and so a quiet day had me thinking about squares, 9 squares that were part of an old what if. and i was thinking of projecting the lines of the grid holding those squares in a.

Jude Hill

Stitched by me. Dyed by Glennis. I dye a lot of my own indigo these days. But for me, Glennis will always be the Mother MoonMaker. One small moon for respect. A little needle chant while considering friendship.