"Busy Bag" jeu de reproduction de modèles avec des bâtons de glace colorés.

I need to do this for X's updated busy bag! Popsicle Stick Patterns Busy Bags This is a brain workout. Kids need to match the pattern on the cards with colored popsicle sticks to make it look like the card.

Atención con palitos de helado


Free set of 12 printable popsicle stick puzzles/pattern sheets for pre-school workbox-you can buy colored sticks right at Walmart!

Matrix niveau 2: verschillende kleuren + aantallen

Matrix niveau 2: verschillende kleuren + aantallen

Counting links busy bag

Busy Bags Part 2

tableau double entree

étiquettes pour le jeu du tableau - print off plain cubes and label with shape names and colour names (no pictures), students have to match up with the grid