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an old magazine cover with a sailor on it
The man behind the gun will settle this war / K. - LOC's Public Domain Archive Public Domain Search
an old children's book with the title duck
Puck magazine cover - "There they blow" / L.M. Glackens. - LOC's Public Domain Archive Public Domain Search
a woman holding a turkey on top of a tartan background with the words puck
Puck Thanksgiving 1904 / L.M. Glackens.
Puck Thanksgiving 1904 / L.M. Glackens. family photo
an old magazine cover shows a woman in yellow dress and hat with a child on her lap
Puck Easter / Frank A. Nankivell '99.
PUCK magazine, New York - Easter - April 5th, c.1899. ~ Puck character serving as a messenger boy, who is awaiting a signature for delivery of an Easter bonnet. An American Gilded Age fashioned lady, dressed in her Easter finery. Illustrator/artist: Frank A. Nankivell, (1869-1959) ~ {cwl} ~ (Image/collection: LOC)
an old magazine cover with a woman flying through the air and clouds in the background
Puck Cloud Ballet Vintage Magazine Framed Poster — MUSEUM OUTLETS
Puck Cloud Ballet Vintage Magazine Framed Poster wonderful giclee print reproduction magazine cover poster. Printed by giclee on heavy paper, the vibrant rich colors will never fade. Framed in vintage Italian wood frame with black distressed finish and gold inner lip, beautifully complements the image, with glass (small size) or acrylic (med or large). What a statement piece on the largest size! Vintage magazine cover poster framed wall art, unique wall art from Museum Outlets. Vintage Magazi
an old comic book cover with rabbits running around
Easter Puck
Easter Puck
two men riding on the back of a bike next to a dog and another man
Puck Magazine - July 1896
Puck Magazine -1896 Political Satire Poster Strange Wheel Fellows
an old children's book cover with cats and dogs in the box, including a boy
an old children's book cover with a boy sitting on the ground next to a tree
A dream of the fourth
1904 - A Dream of the Fourth - a young boy sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree, asleep amid a cluster of fireworks waiting to be ignited.
an old fashion magazine cover featuring a woman riding a horse and wearing a top hat
Grover Cleveland, William Jennings Bryan and Ballistic Missile Submarines - a History of the "Safe and Sane" Fourth of July
an old book with pictures of people and fireworks in the cover, as well as text that reads puck fourth of july
1908 - Father will shoot them off - William Jennings Bryan shooting off fireworks labeled "Nomination, Platform, Enthusiasm, Permanent Organization, Keynote, Issues, Nominating Speech, Second Speech, Vice Presidency, Resolutions, [and] Temporary Organization" while indicating that George Gray and John A. Johnson should stand back for their safety, reminding them of "what happened to Alton" Parker in 1904 (standing in the background with his arm in a sling).