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The Art of Shawn Coss : Photo

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too scribbly imo but still coool

Sketchy Watercolor Tree Tattoo on Shoulder

The Sketchy Watercolor Tree Tattoo on Shoulder by Ricardo Da Maia is a natural tattoo idea and it is unisex and looks incredible.

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5° parte #tattoo #oriental #bonsai More

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Watercolor Rib Cage Side Bonsai Tree Tattoos For Men

Beasts of Yggdrasil Nidhogg (Níðhöggr), Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór, Ratatosk (Ratatoskr) and Verfolne and Vidofnir (Veðrfölnir)  by midwaymilly

Beasts of Yggdrasil by midwaymilly Nidhogg, one of the four harts/stags, Ratatosk, and the eagle (with the hawk Vedrfolnir in the corner!

Day and night ink

Day and night ink


Gorgeous tattoo by Silly Jane SillyJane blackwork btattooing blckwrk

Oswald Perez, Orgotek Technician

red tank w/ bionic arm piece, belts or die for black stripe?

Siwoo Kim

Siwoo Kim