Allison Estephania Alvarado Cruel

Allison Estephania Alvarado Cruel

Allison Estephania Alvarado Cruel
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Imagine Taehyung looking at you from across the classroom and noticing you staring at him. You immediately look away but when you look back, he suggestively raises his eyebrows and gives you an approving once-over ;

Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }🖤×🖤

Hey guys can you like pls stop killing me with your visuals- never mind I love suffering


Japanese Courtesan/Oiran- You can tell the difference between an Oiran & Geisha by the way the Obi is tied. A Geisha's Obi is tied in the back verses the Oiran's Obi being tied in the front.

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Japanese girls in yukata: yukata comfortable cotton kimono decorated with stencil-dyed patterns usually in shades of indigo, worn by Japanese men and women. The yukata was originally designed as a nightgown and for wear in the home after a bath.