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Amulets, Metallica, Jewellery, Metal, Amulet, Talisman, Reliquary, Jewelery, Jewelry
a woman wearing glasses holding a fish in front of her face and looking at the camera
The Rongolian Star
an old black and white photo of two men kissing in front of a group of people
Partners Task Force - Committed Couple: Axgil & Axgil
Axel Axgil (3 April 1915 – 29 October 2011) and Eigil Axgil (24 April 1922 – 22 September 1995) were Danish gay activists and a longtime couple. They were the first gay couple to enter into a registered partnership anywhere in the world following Denmark's legalisation of same-sex partnership registration in 1989, a landmark legislation which they were instrumental in bringing about. They adopted the shared surname, Axgil, a combination of their given names, as an expression of their commitment.
five pairs of white leather gloves with buttons and laces on the ends, all lined up in rows
an old woman holding a chicken up to her face
Portrait/Self Portrait - Mary Britton Clouse 2005
an old photo of two women hugging each other in front of a fenced area
p a p e r oranges
a glass bottle filled with miniature figurines sitting on top of a table
Have you ever tried Junior Mints and Bourbon
Have you ever tried Junior Mints and Bourbon | Patience Bottles
a bird's nest with two eggs in it
Sanctuary by Sarah Treanor - Selected to be Cover Art for an Upcoming Issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine | Artist Portfolio Magazine
Let go of what has passed. Let go of what may come. Let go of what is happening now. Don’t try to figure anything out. Don’t try to make anything happen. Relax, right now, and rest ~Tilopa (sanctuary by sarah treanor)