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an older man with wrinkles on his face
Manolo, by Sebastià Martí
some cards with blue ink on them
Alliteration Inspiration: Jelly & Journeying
Natalya Balnova / Silk screened book design - Principles of Jelly Making
an open book with red, white and blue images on the cover is being held up Sophie Lecuyer - Bas les masques et haut les coeurs... - a grouped images picture Sophie Lecuyer - Bas les masques et haut les coeurs
a bear surrounded by other animals in a circular frame with bunting flags and flowers
DESIGNER - wendy brightbill
Beautiful illustration print & pattern: DESIGNER - wendy brightbill
two people holding hands while standing in the snow
Akira Kusaka Illustration
a drawing of a man with a pipe in his mouth and the words, fish to the
Best Illustrations of 2014
Sailor by Seaside Spirit
a man getting his hair cut by a woman in a room with a lamp and pictures on the wall
Barbershop Ladies & Gentlemen BCN by Sebastià Martí
an abstract painting of a nude woman with black hair and two small eyes on her face
常玉 SANYU|作品 Works
an abstract painting with colorful flowers and leaves on white paper, in the shape of a flower
Referans » DO FUNDO DO MAR » Arquivo
Yellena James
a woman with her eyes closed and two wolfs in front of her, surrounded by flowers
art for adults
Annita Maslov
three books with different designs on them, one is open and the other has an image of a ship
How Are You I'm Fine Thanks
Pietari Posti bookmark set
a drawing of two women and a horse in front of a red background with polka dots
cate edwards
Three #horses by cate edwards, via Flickr. I love this #horse #art - so unique and #inspirational.
an image of the cover totoro
Gorgeous art nouveau-inspired portraits of Miyazaki's characters
Totoro by marlboro
a drawing of a man cooking in a kitchen with lots of clutter on the counter
Home - Sebastía Martí
Alex cook a cake